Tips and Tricks: Taking Pictures


Are you going to sell your house in Italy? Strong photos really make the difference when selling a house! Below we will give you some tips to make beautiful pictures of your house or apartment.
The search for a new property is primarily done online. Those looking for a home quickly make a first
selection based on the photos. When the images are not strong enough, people do not click further
to the details of the house and there will probably never be reached an appointment. That is why
the first photo and the first click are so crucial. Not the number of photo’s is important, it’s all about
selecting the right photo’s.
Quickly taking some photos with your smartphone will not be enough. Unfortunately many people
underestimate the importance of good photos when selling or renting a home. On the other hand
this is a good thing for you! It will be easier for you to stand out! After reading this article you will
know about the do’s and don’ts! This will be your advantage, you can make sure your property will
get the attention it deserves.


Clutter: When potential buyers come to visit your property, you will undoubtedly make the effort to
de-clutter and clean as much as possible. With a virtual visit based on photos, that should not be
different. It is unfortunate if a spacious room on the photo seems small because it is full of rubbish.
Make sure when you make the photo’s the house looks nice, clean and tidy

Light: Wait for a nice sunny day to take pictures of your house or apartment. Enough light can make the difference between good and bad photos! So make the photos during the day, not early in the morning or in the evening just before sunset. Do you want to take pictures of the garden and is it a cloudy day? You can use the filters in a photo editing program to transform the air into a bright blue sky that’s much more appealing to most people.

Markings: If you would like an explanation of the photos, it is best to do this during the first viewing of a candidate buyer. So it’s not a good idea to edit photos with extra text or markers to make them clearer. When you photograph the exterior of your apartment block, it is not necessary to indicate your apartment. Do you want to do this anyway? Use a very light color to mark or make the apartments more vague around yours.

Watermarks: Do you want to add a watermark to your photos? Do this as subtly as possible. Make the watermark transparent and place it in the corner of the photo. After all, the visitor’s attention must go to the house, not to the watermark or logo.

Inappropriate: Photos must give a good image of your property, but that does not mean that you have to show everything. Photographing a storage room or toilet does not really add any value. The more photos you take, the greater the chance that a potential buyer will not fill in the contact form. Show only the photos that are important and give an idea of the house. After all, you want potential  buyers to contact you, not to click away after one bad photo

Don’t create a false reality: always keep in mind you want to use photography to enhance your property, not misrepresent it. Yes, you may attract more people with photos that create the illusion of space or stand-alone instead of semi-detached, but they’ll be put off when they see they’ve been misled.

✔ DO'S

Use a good quality camera: The quality of smartphone cameras has really improved over the years, but still cannot add up to a professional camera.

Provide the right lighting: Photographing on a sunny day is a must, but also provide extra lighting in dark areas. You can best use white light or a spot instead of the classic yellow light.

Take photos with the right settings: Set your camera correctly when taking the photos. If setting up your digital camera manually is too difficult, it is best to experiment with the different modes for automatic settings. Of course, always keep the camera straight so that you do not take any crooked pictures.

Wide picture: Use a wide lens or keep the camera at least horizontal to obtain wide pictures of the rooms. Horizontal photos give a sense of space, in contrast to vertical photographs.

Take many photos: Take different photos of the same room, from different angles, at a different height or with a different light. Afterwards make a selection of the best photo to use for the publication of your house.

Shoot to thrill: In addition to documenting the best features of your property, people like to see a range of interior and exterior shots. Not including interior shots can be very off-putting. You can decide to use a photo editing program, but beware: overdoing editing leads to misleading and a false reality. So you best use it to the minimum. 

Sort photos correctly: Sort your photos in a correct order. The first picture is very important because it determines whether people click on your ad or not. So do not use a floor plan as the first image, because that is not very attractive. Usually a façade is used as the first photograph, followed by the living areas.


Like you have noticed, there are many things that you have to take into account! Good preparation is very important: choosing the right day to take the photos (weather conditions), cleaning up all the rooms and lighting up well, ensuring that the settings of your camera are correct, and so on.


For such an important sale, always consider the benefits of using a professional- they will ensure that your property looks its best to help you achieve the best possible result. It’s a small investment which pays for itself quickly when your house is sold quickly.

Of course we can help you to present your house the best way possible in order to attract as much attention and interest of potential buyers. Just send us an email to get additional information and to get an overview of the current prices of the services. 


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