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LagoProperties.com is the first and only independent portal site to promote and advertise Italian real estate properties
located in the Northern Italian Lake Region.

Why choose lagoproperties.com?

  • An easy way to promote your listings worldwide
  • A fast way to get in direct contact with potential buyers from abroad
  • We take care of the translations for you
  • low costs / big results
  • 360 degree Support
  • We do not work on commission. We only work with fixed prices & packages

our services

  • Lagoproperties.com is a portal site to promote your listings worldwide. We specialize on your area. 
  • Professional translations of your listings are included. At the moment our portal is available in 6 languages: Italian, Dutch, English, German, Russian and French. The descriptions of the listings are available in Italian, Dutch, English and German.
  • Via our information forms our users will get in direct contact with your office, without filtering from our part.
  • Included in the packages is a private and sicure area where you can upload, make and modify your listings and the ability to create your own private page to showcase your agency as well as your listings.
  • We offer several packages to promote your listings. You can choose to promote 10, 20, 30 and 30+ annunci. 
  • The packages vary in price, duration and visibility of your listings.
our extra services
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Photography and video service

We can help you present a property on a high level with professional photography and video. Make your listing really stand out from the competition and present your listings in the best way possible to generate more attention.

Linquistic support

We can provide linquistic support for real estate agents during the bidding and selling proces.

A service to facilitate contact between the buyer and the real estate agent.


On demand we can provide a re-styling advise or even do a total Homestaging of a property to upgrade the looks and to increase interest for a listing. All to gain a higher value and to attract more potential buyers.  

2D and 3D renders and video animation 

We can provide 2D and 3D renders and video animation of properties to improve the appearance of a property and increase the chances of a successful transaction

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