interLegal Consulting is a company based in Munich (Germany) that offers highly qualified multilingual services on an international level and is specialized in property purchase in Italy.

We help German investors every step of the way starting with the communication and mediation between buyer and seller and the necessary property checks at the public offices. 

We cooperate with a bilingual law firm in regard to all the legal matters concerning property purchase. InterLegal Consulting has developed a strong partnership with Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG to be able to offer exclusively to our customers unique conditions in financial matters. 

All important documents such as contracts can be translated for a better understanding of our clients. After the purchase we will be available for your every need in terms of communication with public offices and in tax matters. We offer competent support in your own country and in your language.

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Büro: 089 9263 6392

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Dr. Susanna Eichner: 0176 2432 2935

Clemente Law Firm is an English-speaking Italian Real Estate Law Firm offering independent legal services with a specific focus for cross-border residential and commercial property transactions.
Clemente Law Firm represents the ideal one-stop shop solution when it comes to buy or sell real estate in Italy.

Clemente Law Firm – Italian Property Lawyer

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Phone:        T  +39 02 87 16 52 09      M: +39 368 350 99 80

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The Real Estate department of Studio Legale Metta handles legal matters on behalf of investors from everywhere in the world. Our goals is to make smooth and safe an international transaction like the purchase of an Italian property from a foreign investor. Based on our extensive international experience, our lawyers have established proven procedures which enable our clients to achieve extraordinary outcomes without travelling to Italy. We are a boutique Italian law firm internationally recognized for our real estate practice area. Our knowledgeable team of bilingual Italian lawyers provides fast, accurate and cost-effective services. Our extensive knowledge and experience, efficient international working style and established legal tradition make our services unique.

Studio Legale Metta

Italia: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 57 – 70122 BARI – Italy – Tel +39.080.5211125 – Fax +39.080.62031151;

USA: 196 West Ashland Street – Doylestown, PA, 18901 – Tel +1 215 764 6160 – Fax  +1 215 558 5755;

UK: 16 St Martin’s le Grand – London, EC1A 4EN – Tel +44 020 8144 1881 – Fax +44 020 7855 3788.

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