Lake Orta

Do you want to buy a house on Lake Orta?

There are many reasons to do so! One of them is undoubtedly the beautiful surroundings.

The small lake Orta is located west of Lake Maggiore, in the north of the Piedmont region. It’s only 14 km long and 2 km wide. The road around this charming and romantic lake is 33 km long. The lake may be small, it’s certainly just as beautiful as the larger lakes in the area, such as Lake Maggiore and Lake Como.

Because of the location of Lake Orta, surrounded by mountains, and because of the special light, the lake has an enchanting, almost mysterious beauty. As icing on the cake there is the small and photogenic island of San Giulio, which lies in the middle of the lake.

One of the most important places on the Orta lake is Orta San Giulio. A beautiful town with a medieval center, Italian vibrancy and an authentic atmosphere. On the west and east side, Lake Orta is surrounded by mountains and forests. In the mountains around Lake Orta you can enjoy hiking and mountain biking.

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