Lake Lugano

Do you want to buy a house on Lake Lugano?

There are many reasons to do that! One of them is undoubtedly the beautiful surroundings.


The Lake of Lugano (also called Ceresio) is situated half in Italy and half in Switzerland, between Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. It is the smallest of the three and it’s almost entirely surrounded by steep mountains. There are hiking trails around the lake, of course with considerable differences in altitude, but the extraordinary views over the lake and the Alps compensate every effort.

Enjoy the natural beauty of these surroundings and cultural attractions.(not  d Along the shores of Lake Maggiore (??)  are enchantingly beautiful villages. Around the lake there are several mountain ranges with amazing views. Discover the beautiful panorama, romantic places, mountains, parks and museums.

There are numerous activities possible on Lake Lugano, from cycling and hiking to paragliding and climbing. Water sports such as sailing, surfing, diving and water skiing can also be perfectly practiced.

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