Lake Como

Do you want to buy a house at lake Como?

There are plenty reasons to do so! One of the reasons obviously is the beautiful landscape.

Lake Como is one of the most romantic lakes in the world. In these beautiful surroundings you will find imposing historic villas and palazzi with astonishing gardens and a breathtaking lakeview. Lake Como, also known as Lario, is located at the foot of the Swiss Alps, in the province of Lombardy. It is surrounded by mountains and has an area of ​​146 km2 and is therefore smaller than Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. It does have the longest coastline, because it has the form of an inverted letter Y.  

Lake Como is very popular because of the mild climate and the relatively small travel distance from Northern European countries. Because of its beauty and strategic location in relation to the Alps, Lake Como for centuries has always had a strong attraction. This is reflected in the rich history, stylish grandeur and authentic villages. 

There are many water sports options, from surfing or canoeing to water skiing and sailing. Directly on the lake there are a lot of authentic, charming Italian villages. Because the hills are quite steep, you will often find only small hamlets there. Walking around Como is a very popular activity. There is a great diversity of walks with phenomenal views over the lake. Cyclists can also indulge themselves and ride (a part of) the Tour of Lombardy on their own.

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