InterLegal Consulting

Interlegal Consulting was established to provide advice and support in German and English to buyers interested in acquiring real estate in Italy – directly in Germany or Munich.

With our professionalism and twenty years of experience in this field, we offer our clients advice and support and we use a wide network of contacts at local and international level.

In collaboration with a German-Italian law firm we offer:

  • Bilingual processing of the provisional contract and detailed explanation in German and English.
  • Assistance with certification of the notary by the interpreting service.
  • Help with canceling real charges (mortgages) borne by the home.
  • Protection of the foreign buyer by paying the price to the seller only when the transfer of ownership to the buyer is guaranteed under the contract.
  • Correspondence from and to Italy.
  • After the purchase: care in communication with public authorities such as the city council, the tax authorities, etc.
  • Low-interest loans in Germany through close collaboration with Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG.

We are characterized by the fact that we treat each individual case personally, with dedication and the highest discretion and we provide professional and serious support to the customer at every stage.

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