How to present your house for sale?

Do you want to sell your house in Italy?

First impression is crucial

It seems logical: Presentation is vital when trying to sell your house. Besides setting the right asking price a good presentation of your house increases the value and improves the possibility of a quick sale. It’s important to make sure your property looks its best from the moment it goes onto the market. 

For foreign buyers the search for a dream house in Italy usually starts online . Most of the times they make a selection of interesting properties based on photos. Your property is often just one in a long list of houses a buyer will see, so make sure your house really stands out. The more attractive your property is presented, the better your sale price is likely to be. De-clutter, clean up and restyle to create a homely feel. You want your property to be appealing to as many potential buyers as possible.

See your house through buyers eyes. It’s as simple as that. 

The quality of the photos of your house really do make the difference. People now a days are so much focussed on images and videos. The pictures have to look good in order for a foreign buyer to send you that email to make an appointment for a viewing. Remember the potential buyer will spent hours and hours on end overviewing lots of Italian properties. You have to take real good pictures of your property to encourage the potential buyer to click and to grab his or her attention.  Just stick to a few simple rules and you will present your house more desirable and you will increase the possibility of a quick sell of your house.   

  1. Make a plan. Do not shoot random pictures. Walk around your house and look for the best features of your property. What are the selling points of your house? What makes your house worth buying?
  2. Use a good camera. The quality of a mobile phone camera does not add up to a professional camera. 
  3. People like to see a range of interior and exterior shots. Do include interior shots. It will increase the interest of potential buyers. 
  4. Light creates space. Take pictures with the lights on. Open all shutters. Take advantage of natural light.
  5. Focus on the best parts of the rooms. Look for the best angle. This is not to cover up or hide certain parts. It is just to give the viewer the best presentation of a room. 
  6. Clean up before taking the pictures. You want the potential buyer to imagine their own belongings in the house, so de-clutter to keep things tidy. Less clutter will also help make rooms appear larger.
  7. Put away personal items that may distract the attention of the viewer. 
  8. Also take ‘overview pictures‘ . Pictures in which you see the flow of an apartment or house. Leave all internal doors open. It creates a looking through view, so people get a sense of the layout of your house and it will add a spacious look to your pictures.
  9. Create a homely atmosphere. Put some fresh flowers on the table for instance. 
  10. Fix minor repairs like a running tab or a broken light bulb. 
  11. A lick of paint will freshen up your house. Use neutral colors. 
  12. Do not forget the outside space. It is very important, because this is the first impression people will get. Mow the lawn and maintain gardens. Pull weeds and place some bright flowers to create that welcome feeling!
  13. Take lots of pictures and make a good selection afterwards. 
  14. Get help: it is such an important sale, so you might consider to get help of a professional.


Of course we can help you to present your house the best way possible in order to attract as much attention and interest of potential buyers. Just send us an email to get additional information and to get an overview of the current prices of the services. 


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Photography and video service

We can help you present your property on a high level with professional photography and video. Make your listing really stand out from the competition and present your listings in the best way possible to generate more attention.

Linquistic support

We can provide linquistic support for you during the bidding and selling proces.

A service to improve communication between the buyer and you, so you will both be on the same page.


On demand we can provide a re-styling advise or even do a total Homestaging of a property to upgrade the looks and to increase interest for a listing. All to gain a higher value and to attract more potential buyers.  

2D and 3D renders and video animation 

We can provide 2D and 3D renders and video animation of properties to improve the appearance of a property and increase the chances of a successful transaction

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